When it comes to cutting natural stone or quartz slabs for a kitchen or bathroom countertop, there are usually some pieces left over. These are then put into our remnant inventory or hauled away. Why let such gorgeous material go to waste?

Instead – incorporate remnants into one of these stylish home accessories.
1. Mantelpiece
Adorn the top of your fireplace with a beautiful, natural stone mantelpiece. Even if you don’t have a remnant that’s the whole width of your mantel, don’t worry. If you have enough pieces of stone, they can be cut into uniform sections and seam them
2. Accent Table
This is the perfect project for any antique salvager. If you find a console table, coffee table, or side table with a base that you absolutely adore, transform it into a statement piece with a natural stone top. Whether the stone’s texture is subtle or striking, this refurbished item is sure to enhance any room’s style.
3. Charcuterie Board
Let’s face it–nothing looks more gourmet than cheese and fruit presented on a natural stone slab. You can cut a small-to-medium-sized remnant into a charcuterie board fit for a king.
4. Lamp or Candle Base
Even your smallest remnants don’t need to go to waste. They just might be the perfect size to be sturdy, elegant bases for lamps or candles.
5. Landscape Decor
Why not bring the indoors out, for a change? If your remnant has some “raw” edges, they can add some beautiful texture to a garden. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about polishing the stone. You can let nature take its course and still have a beautiful remnant surrounded by bushes and flowers.
6. “Man Cave” Bar Counter
Natural stone adds an unrivaled sophistication to a bar countertop. Who says a “man cave” can’t be classy? While you’re enjoying drinks, just remind the guys to use…
7. Coasters
Yes! The smallest remnants can be used to protect your brand, new countertops while also matching them. You can also convert slightly bigger remnants into trivets. Granite works particularly well for this purpose, as it is famously heat-resistant.

In need of a remnant piece for your next project? At Midwest Rock Tops, remnant pieces start $40 per square foot. Visit our showroom OR our “Remnant” page on our website to view what we have in stock.
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