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Are Granite Countertops For You?

Posted on: July 22nd, 2014 by rocktops No Comments

What have you heard about granite?

If you have a family that makes a lot of messes, you might think granite can’t stand up to the scratches, dents, stains, and strains you and your family can put your countertops through.

Here are a few reasons we hear at Midwest Rock Tops from people regarding what they’ve heard about granite:

  • Too absorbent
  • Stains easily or permanently
  • Granite looses its shine
  • Granite takes too much work to take care of
  • Heat damages
  • Harbor for germs


Let’s address the (perhaps surprising) truth about granite:

  • Granite is impervious to water, and less absorbent than other products.  You can see many high-rise buildings using granite materials because of their qualities to handle high winds and rain.
  • Granite countertops are pretty resistant to stains.  If you wipe up any liquids within a few minutes of spilling, it won’t stain.  If you wait longer, you might see a dark spot, but it should evaporate pretty quickly.  Any liquids that do not evaporate, like oils, can stain.  But don’t worry!  Most stains can be removed from granite.
  • Granite will keep its shine for years and years!
  • Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is all you need.  You should re-apply a sealer once a year to keep it protected.
  • Forgot to put an oven mitt or towel down before you set your hot pan on the counters?  With granite, that’s not a problem.  However, if you drop a heavy object, or use extreme heat on your counters, that could cause some damage.
  • Bacteria are everywhere.  Granite, laminate, solid surfaces—any surface can harbor bacteria.  Help keep your family safe by using anti-bacterial soap when washing your countertop.

Hopefully, we’ve addressed your concerns when it comes down to granite countertops.  If you have any questions, give us a call.


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